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Meet Evan: Dedicated to honest conversation.

Evan Gamble

Evan Gamble studied sport and event management at Elon University and graduated in 2012. Since then, he’s built a career in property management, and now is bringing his expertise to Signal Works.

Evan joined Signal Works in July 2022 as a Property Manager. He will be responsible for ensuring residential properties operate smoothly, are serviced appropriately and are inspected on time. 

We sat down with Evan to ask him a few questions about his favorite spots and his approach to work. 

What’s your favorite place? 

Killington Ski Resort in Vermont means a lot to me. I had a pretty bad knee injury in 2016 and I did not think I was going to live a life of activity. But at Killington, I learned that idea was false. I started snowboarding and biking and regained the confidence in myself to perform physically and do the things I love. 

What principle do you bring to your work?

I am honest, whether with a tenant dealing with financial hardship or with an owner who has to receive tough financial data. I’m perseverant. If a property owner puts a difficult goal in front of me, I will do everything I can do make it happen. I’m also data driven. I don’t like to make decisions without having the data to support that decision. A lot of property managers make decisions based on industry standards, but I like to go down data rabbit holes. 

What attracted you to Signal Works?

The staff. Signal Works is made up of highly trained individuals with a strong sense of purpose. The company’s philosophy of not only improving a building, but also a community is unique. 

I’ve also come to realize that the company not only supports me as a professional, but also as a person. The company’s focus on work/life balance and flexibility is wonderful. I’ve never experienced that before and I feel very at home here. 

Thanks for your time, Evan!

Evan’s just one piece of our experienced team. If you’d like to talk to us about starting a project, call us at 401.400.ARCH or email us at