AAA Northeast- East Bay Headquarters

From Warehouse to Business Hub

Urban Redevelopment

When the opportunity arose to secure a prime East Bay location for the burgeoning AAA Northeast operation, leadership jumped at the chance. This would enable them to incorporate key changes to their corporate brand and facilities strategy, while making a strong impression in their own backyard.

Renewable Energy

200KW Solar Array

People Focused

Fully embracing the potential

While this project began as a simple building upgrade, the client’s vision for what it could become grew with each new scheme. It soon became clear that it could have a far wider impact on their customers’ experience, thereby growing their business lines. To accommodate both their short- and long-term goals, we worked with them to create a phased approach, starting construction to on-line key functions, while they reached consensus on crafting the site’s final vision. This led to a deep integration with their facilities group which has continued for years.

Place Based

More than the sum of its parts

Transforming a post-industrial property into a destination for people required us to reform the existing building, create two new ones, and merge them all together into one cohesive site. We gave the free-standing branch office a strong visual identity while being oriented – and shaped by-- passive-solar. The weather canopy for the fleet was tactfully arranged under a solar array. The main building was wrapped in a unique expression to respond to each of the different uses. As a finishing touch, we removed existing hardscape and changed grade to allow barrier-free entry, while adding sensitive landscaping.

Purpose Driven

Good for the organization, and the environment

AAA needed this new facility for their road service fleet to provide them with the space they required, in a centralized location that allowed them to dispatch vehicles to motorists in need quickly. If executed correctly, this industrial adaptive reuse, located prominently on Wampanoag trail, would become a signature AAA location that demonstrated its ability to transform a site, and proved the organization’s commitment to good environmental practices.

Year: 2015-2017 Size: 20,000sf building, 2500sf new construction, 10,000sf solar canopy Delivery Method: Construction Manager, Phased Project