Our Mission

While every project is unique, our mission is always the same: We turn broken buildings into purposeful places that are people-focused, place-based & purpose-driven.


The most important component of a building is its people.

People are the true reason behind every endeavor. The community they create will have a greater impact than any design. So when we draw, they are our first priority.

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A building’s impact goes far beyond its physical space. It’s a beacon that embodies an organization’s ideals, and contributes meaningfully to its community.

Eric Army
Founder and CEO of Signal Works


Buildings do not exist in isolation.

Every building has a location, but not every building is part of a place. Place is a unique identity that integrates a space with its physical surroundings and social purpose.

Your building should echo your values.

Each organization exists for a reason, and their project is an opportunity to express and advance it. It’s therefore our job to expose this purpose, and reveal its full potential.

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Underserved Users 50% of work serves disadvantaged children
Women & Minority 60% of significant suppliers women or minority owned
Community focused 100% of clients within local communities
The renovation of the Atlantic Gasometer by [Signal Works] is a prime example of how private developers can play a key role in community development. We were happy to see this building go to an architect that could capture the essence of the building, while adapting it to 21st century needs.

Alicia J. Lehrer Executive Director,
Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council

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