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Atlantic Design Works

Practicing What we Preach

Creative Food Service

After spending years helping others transform broken buildings into purposeful places, when we outgrew our old offices and needed a bigger space, we knew we needed to take our own advice. We took on our own historic rehabilitation, deploying innovative design strategies engaging retail clients to make a real impact on our community.

Renewable Energy

17 KW solar Array


First business location


Businesses Women Owned


Businesses Minority Owned

People Focused

Putting our own philosophies to the test

When we settled on a site in a transitional section of Central Providence, we made it our goal to create a home not only for ourselves, but also for other small, creative businesses that shared our vision. These craftspeople have brought new life - and visitors - to this up-and-coming area. We also sought to further enhance the community by engaging with a variety of arts and community non-profits on multiple beautification projects.

Place Based

Customizing a space, while celebrating its legacy

When we got our building, it was a domed cylinder merged with an extruded triangle. To transform the space while still honoring it, we began by creating a common site access point. We then designed each of the building’s four distinct spaces as authentic revisions of their former selves. The 18ft-high rotonda became an open design office that retained its grandeur. A former shipping space became an art gallery featuring original flooring, and the lower-level spaces became loft-like artisan kitchens.

Purpose Driven

A space our company wanted, and the town needed

We undertook this project for reasons that went far beyond our need for more space. Not only were we looking to revitalize a building and community of our own, we also wanted to use this project as a case study for our own mission, showing how design transformation coupled with targeted occupancies can be used for urban social revitalization.

Year: 2015-2018 Size: 6500sf building, 4 commercial units, 2,000sf solar Delivery Method: Developer/Construction Manager, Phased Project, Historic Tax Credit