Proud Mary’s Donuts

Revitalizing Neighborhoods, One Donut at a Time.

Creative Food Service

People Focused

Collaboration over competition.

For this project, the developer came in with a clear concept and team. Because of this, we were able to focus our efforts on managing the various and specific technical challenges.

Place Based

A creative pedestrian connection.

Successful execution of the developer’s business model required balancing contemporary detailing with traditional materials. Key aspects included creating a connection between the retail storefront and the popular bike trail behind the building.

Purpose Driven

Renewed glory for an East Providence main street.

This project was part of a Main Street revitalization project. After stabilizing the building through high quality residential and failing to find a retail tenant in line with the community values, the developer took matters into their own hands and started his own donut shop. As a result, they were able to spur economic growth and set the tone for the square regaining its former glory.

Year: 2018 Size: 1000sf Delivery Method: Developer/Builder, Interior Designer