Rooftop at the G

Raising the Stakes on the Top of the Town.

Creative Food Service

People Focused

Light touch, big impact.

For this project, the owner wanted to create an iconic space that showed off his building, and the city. The team knew we would need a light touch, with a big impact, to make it happen.

Place Based

It’s all about the view.

To be successful with this project, we needed to make sure that our designs never overshadowed the spectacular site or its view. Material choices were made to be as minimal as possible, such as a retractable glass roof to expose the sky, and a corrugated steel elevator enclosure to mimic the original rooftop equipment. The bar and bathrooms were clad in clear cedar to bring warmth and tone, and the project was finished off with built-in garden beds and a rooftop pizza oven to enhance the customer experience.

Purpose Driven

A new go-to space in downtown Providence.

Well aware of how popular rooftop restaurants have become in New York, the developer wanted to be the first to provide this experience in Providence. Soon after opening its doors, this restaurant has become a mainstay of downtown, and has been met with off-the-charts demand, as well as several imitators.


Year: 2013 Size: 7500sf Delivery Method: Construction Manager, Fast-Tracked, Phased Project, Historic Tax Credits