The Gordon School

Updating a Modern Classic for the 21st Century.

Mission Driven Schools

People Focused

Connecting closely to remove barriers.

With a major project on a very tight timeline, we relied heavily on a high degree of owner-architect-contractor communication that allowed us to meet the client’s needs on what would otherwise have been an impractical schedule.

Place Based

Looking to the future while keeping its roots.

Starting with a classic mid-century modern Rhode Island building, we wanted to respect the driving forces of the design - exposed structure, natural materials and division between the major room and the secondary stages. We subtly incorporated sprinklers, used floating “cloud” ceilings to emphasize the “human scale” environment, used color to accent key aspects of the architecture, and updated the aging but classic materials palette to reflect the same vibe, with 21st century technology.

Purpose Driven

Reconnecting the school to its heart for community.

The Gordon School has always embodied community and inclusivity. They had grown over the years, but needed the heart of their school to reflect their values as a truly communal space. The end result is a gathering place for parents in the morning, students on break, board meetings, and even as an alternate classroom when the need arises.

Year: 2015, 2019, 2020 Size: 2500sf Delivery Method: Design Build, Fast-Tracked