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Meet Jason: A project delivery expert crafting spaces into experiences.

Jason Futrell is one of our project managers and has successfully shepherded a wide array of projects through our office since 2016. 

As a registered architect in Rhode Island with a degree from Boston Architectural College, Jason’s been a part of both private and public projects throughout the Northeast. From adaptive reuse to health care, residential, commercial and retail projects, his diverse experience has given him deep knowledge and expertise in each aspect of project delivery.

Not only does Jason create our client experience, he’s also our go-to technical lead and keeps our team moving in-sync. Whether navigating a challenging code issue with the Fire Marshal, or guiding our clients through their project delivery options, Jason epitomizes being an expert guide.

Jason and Eric discussing a project.

We sat down with Jason to discover his thoughts about architecture and the human experience. 

Do you have a place that has stuck with you over time?
Not really. I tend not to get attached to spaces. My fondest memories are about people.

How can architecture play a supporting role in building better connections with others? 
The most important role of architecture is creating bridges and removing barriers, and providing equity and dignity to all users, regardless of socioeconomic or cultural background. 

What’s your favorite part in designing spaces?
I like to create the spaces of movement, crafting an experience that is truly unique as bodies move and time passes. 

Thanks for your time, Jason! Jason’s just one piece of our experienced team. If you’d like to talk to us about starting a project, call us at 401.400.ARCH or email us at