by Signal Works

Meet Bryan: An efficient project manager and architect focused on legacy.

Bryan joined us in 2021 as a project manager and architect. With an M.Arch from Boston Architectural College and as a registered architect in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Bryan brings a ton of experience to the design process.

Before Signal Works, Bryn completed projects in fields ranging from education to hospitality to government. He loves managing projects start to finish and can see all of the phases of a project’s life cycle. While his strength is collaboration, problem-solving, and coordination, he’s great at genuinely listening and putting himself in the clients’ shoes. 

During a project with us, you’ll work with Bryan throughout the entire design process, especially during the client discovery phase. Not only will he be one of your touchpoints, he’ll also be working in the background, coordinating the team, operations, and making sure the design standards are at the highest quality.

We sat down with Bryan to get more insight in his favorite place and his architecture experience.

What’s a place you’ll always love?

My family has owned a beach house down in Charlestown, Rhode Island (Quonochontaug), since before I was born. I have essentially spent all my fourth of July’s there with my family and friends.  It holds an incredibly special place in my heart, a feeling of being worry-free, a feeling of love and solidarity with my family, and an onset of setting life-goals for myself from an early age.  

How did those summers at Quonochontaug impact your life-goals? 

Quonnie is the place where I first noticed and began to fall in love with architecture. I’ve seen small cottages taken down over the years and replaced by (some) very well-done and thoughtful designs that don’t overpower the coastal landscape.

I understand you took a little bit of a circuitous route to architecture. How did that come about?

I started off in finance and knew that finance was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I jumped into architecture not knowing much about the trade, but while I was in finance, I found myself at a crossroads as a full-fledged adult, staring down my future and wondering what, if anything, was I going to leave behind.  

So for me, architecture revolves around that concept, around legacy. I would like nothing more than to leave the world having made a mark, a change for the better, or having been part of a movement for the betterment of the communities I work in.

What’s your favorite part of the design process?

While construction administration tends to be my strongest suit, I thoroughly enjoy the project management process as a whole because it gives me opportunities to teach and mentor my colleagues, service our client(s), and streamline coordination & planning efforts efficiently.  Client discovery is also a part of the process I appreciate as it allows both an empathetic and logistical approach through communication and schematic efforts. 

Can you tell us about some cool projects and awards you’ve gotten over the years?

  • Member of the design team to work on the Amazon HQ bid
  • Member of the design team to work on the Hasbro HQ bid
  • Members of the design teams for multiple historical preservation awards & AIAri design awards

Thanks for your time, Bryan!

Bryan’s just one piece of our experienced team. If you’d like to talk to us about starting a project, call us at 401.400.ARCH or email us at