by Signal Works

Meet Kelsey: Designing with future generations in mind.

Kelsey has a master’s degree in architecture from RWU, with a background in commercial, institutional, civic, and hospitality architecture. She also is well-versed in historic restoration. While she loves being involved in all stages of design, she has the most recent experience with construction documents. 

Kelsey joined the Signal Works team as a designer in 2021, and works closely with the project manager to create and modify design documents. She also collaborates with the rest of the design team to problem-solve spaces and create ideal solutions for clients. 

We sat down with Kelsey to ask her a few questions about place and the design process:

What is your favorite place and what makes it special to you?

Whenever I visit my family in upstate New York, I like to stop by my mom’s cabin in Lake Luzerne. It’s a gathering spot for the family and it’s one of the most peaceful places I’ve ever been to. In warmer weather we like to go hiking, kayaking, and swimming.

As an architectural designer, what’s an important principle you want to design by?

As the world of architecture enters a future that is environmentally uncertain, it’s important to me that designers consider future generations and how our choices will impact them.

What’s one of the most interesting parts of architecture to you?

I’ve always felt that the most interesting aspect of architecture is understanding and reacting to the building’s environment – “environment” including natural, social, and built features.

Thanks for your time, Kelsey!

Kelsey’s just one piece of our experienced team. If you’d like to talk to us about starting a project, call us at 401.400.ARCH or email us at