by Signal Works

Meet Sam: Going beyond the expected.

Sam Hogg is a RISD graduate who comes to Signal Works after years of experience working on institutional projects, particularly schools. 

He joined the Signal Works team in July as an Architectural Project Manager and will be responsible for acting as a touchpoint for clients throughout the entire design process. In the background, he’ll coordinate the architectural team, manage operations and ensure each project meets the highest design standards. 

We sat down with Sam to ask him a few questions about his favorite place and his approach to design.

What is your favorite place?

My favorite place in the world is New Orleans. I love the character, the age. It is dripping with architecture old and new. It has spaces that are highly planned and these accidental spaces that you discover. I love being able to explore and find something new. 

What principle do you bring to your work?

I really try to bring thoroughness and creative problem-solving. I always seek to discover a creative solution that goes beyond what people might expect in a design solution. 

What’s do you think is the most interesting part of architecture?

I really get engaged with the building science aspect of architecture. Any architectural project involves different challenges and design criteria. Building science is the art of incorporating material properties, physics, engineering and the life sciences into a coordinated and optimized design solution.

Thanks for your time, Sam!

Sam’s just one piece of our experienced team. If you’d like to talk to us about starting a project, call us at 401.400.ARCH or email us at