by Signal Works

Signal Works: Turning broken buildings into purposeful places.

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When we started as a company, we had some amazing opportunities to work with some mission-driven schools and some value-based companies. As we began to mature, we’ve realized there are a lot of projects being done well, but they weren’t actually being done by people who had the same mission alignment in values as the entities that were being served.

As a company, we had just gone through defining our mission, vision, and values. We set goals for whom we wanted to be and how we’re going to get there. Now we’ve shifted, and we’re focused on achieving the impact of our goals. We have a new B Corp certification and we’ve implemented a Care Team that focuses on the well being of our staff, our business network, and our community.

We’re looking to grow and to be a multidisciplinary venture that not only moves the needle in architecture but looks at the development and long-term operations as well, so we can have an impact on what we value.

When we’re working with our clients, we focus on being a process guide that’s going to bring our clients through a complex construction and design process. We focus on being a design thinker, who is able to solve real business problems.

We are our clients’ value champion, making sure that what they care about is baked into the final product. Our goal is to develop a proven process that creates a powerful place out of an under-served area—one that includes partnering with public projects in advancing elevating enterprises and creating desirable destinations with diverse developments that avoid the disaster of displacement and the drain of disinvestment.

Our vision is to create vibrant communities that are people-focused, place-based, and purpose-driven. We create meaningful workplaces and we create great urban environments.Do you have a broken building that you want to be a purposeful place? If that’s true, I think we’ll be a great fit.

We’re sometimes asked, “Why Signal Works?” What it really comes down to for us, is that we see buildings as more than structures. They’re signals that broadcast their image.Signal Works, we turn broken buildings into purposeful places.