by Signal Works

Meet Deborah: A problem-solver specializing in spaces with positive impact.

Deborah D’Agostino is a senior designer and has been with us since 2016. As the lead during the design phase, she’s an integral part to making sure each of our projects is up to Signal Works’ high standards. Deborah also gets the (not small) job of managing our product library. 

As a Roger Williams University graduate with a Bachelor of Architecture degree, she has experience in everything from single, multi-family and supportive housing to commercial offices to K-12 educational and daycare spaces. 

At the beginning of the project you’ll work with Deborah to develop design solutions for your organization’s challenges. Her role allows her to see those decisions through the entire project, from defending the project vision to selecting product finishes. 

Deborah and Neethi work together on a project.

We caught up with Deborah to talk to her a bit about place and the design process. 

Where’s your happy place? 
I am happy anytime I can be near the water. Whether it’s a pond, lake or ocean, it instantly relaxes me. Seeing the sun dance on the water, birds flying and feeling the cool breezes makes me realize that regardless of what happened in my day, the sun will set as it always does, life will go on, and tomorrow will be a whole new day with endless possibilities. 

What does architecture mean to you?
For me, architecture is not about creating pretty buildings with hopes of being printed in architecture magazines so everyone can see how wonderful we are.  Architecture is about people.  Whether designing for the rich or poor, my motivation is to design spaces for people that have a positive impact on their lives and gives them the framework to live / work / heal or experience a place.  

What’s the best part of the design process for you?
I most enjoy the schematic design process and scoping.  Not only do I like the challenge and creativity of providing useful solutions to clients’ needs, but I also enjoy figuring out what all the problems and needs are.  

What’s the hardest part in the design process?
Many times the needs and problems of a project are more than what the client can see and helping them to understand that working through all of the problems makes the final outcome more successful.  

Thanks for your time, Deborah!

Deborah’s just one piece of our experienced team. If you’d like to talk to us about starting a project, call us at 401.400.ARCH or email us at